I thought that Seth Franco’s presentation was great. He relayed the strong, positive message to our students that in life there will be “valleys” and “mountains” that you will experience, and no matter what, the best thing we can do is to keep moving forward, working hard, making good decisions, and great things will happen for us. Our students need to realize that life is not easy and there will be many challenges faced, just as Seth faced, but they also need to know that out of the tough times comes a newer, stronger, wiser person! I believe, however, that the most important message that he presented to our school was that, what counts most in life is not only reaching those “mountains”, but HELPING OTHERS reach their own “mountains.” I strongly believe that this lesson is one that can change the world for the better. Additionally, the students really enjoyed watching Seth perform his basketball tricks! He was a very passionate and enthusiastic with his speaking as well, so even during his “story telling” the students all were actively listening and paying attention. I feel that many students admired him, for not only his talent, but for who he has become as a person.