I have to tell you, your description of Seth and this program can’t even compare to the wonderful impact he had on our school and our students.

First, Seth had a lunch with 4-8th grade at-risk boys. These are boys with multiple disciplinary infractions. I was not with them the whole time, but from what I understand the boys would not move from their seats. They were mesmerized.

Next, Seth had lunch with 7-7th grade at-risk students. I did sit in on this presentation. The boys were engaged, asking questions, and interacting with him in a way that was so impactful. Some of the boys even opened up in ways they hadn’t before.

The finale of the day came in the gym. Seth had the entire sixth and eight grade (400 kids) in the gym. He entertained them, made them laugh, and when he got to the “meat of his bounce back message”, you could hear a pin drop. It was incredible and the staff could not stop raving. Staff and students mobbed him at the end and he patiently sat down and signed every autograph and took every selfie.

He literally electrified our school today and I did go to Southeast this morning to hear one of his talks and I dare say he lit up that school too.