The Youth Alliance has been very instrumental in positively influencing the lives of young adults in Vineland and the entire Cumberland County area. During my tenure as the Principal of Vineland High South I had the privilege to work and in hand with the Alliance who provided our students with an array of programs and guests speakers performing and lecturing on topics ranging form positive thinking to learning how to make the right decisions for a productive life. We were extremely fortunate that the Alliance introduced our students to the nationally renowned motivational speaker, Reggie Dabbs, who visited our school many times and who had a profound influence on our students.

The Youth Alliance is one of those unique organizations that are committed to providing guidance and direction to the youth of our area. I have enjoyed our relationship and consider their members some of most dedicated individuals with which I have ever had the privilege to be associated. In our community and in our area this organization is admired and respected as an organization of impeccable character that truly and sincerely strives to improve the lives of young adults.