We have been thrilled to work with The Youth Alliance in providing our students and adults with world-class motivational speakers who have touched lives in a most positive way.  The Youth Alliance made such a dramatic impact on our students, they are still talking about his message a year later.  The programs are phenomenal in reaching every type of individual and connecting with our community.  These programs have helped our schools and community become more aware of anti-bullying strategies, suicide warning signs, and helping to develop empathy toward others.  We hope to continue our professional relationship with The Youth Alliance in the future.
Kim Fox
Supervisor Hamblen County Schools
Reggie Dabbs and The Youth Alliance has been by far the most impactful speaker for our students. Their positive message is still talked about today by the students.
Linda Lawyer
I first heard about The Youth Alliance’s school assembly programs from a brochure I picked up from a table at a Men’s Breakfast three years ago at Vineland High School.  As a school principal I have found it difficult to find good, professional quality assemblies that resonate with my students after the assembly is over.  I contacted The Youth Alliance last summer to see if we could get an assembly in my school.  After learning more about the assembly program I was all in.  The Youth Alliance brought Seth Franco to our schools.  His time here made an incredible impact on our school community.  For the next few weeks after the assemblies and family night I received the same feedback from students, staff, parents, and administration from all of our schools: “That was the best assembly we have ever had here in our school district!”  Thank you for making it possible for our students to hear the message of hope, character, and  perseverance in such a powerful way.
Daniel Cartwright
Principal, Shaner Primary School
It has been my pleasure to work with The Youth Alliance to provide the students of the Glassboro School District.  The Youth Alliance is always well received by students, faculty and the community.  They provide a comprehensive assembly that is engaging and inspiring for all students Grades 1 through 12 in our district.  Every year, our students look forward to the presenters who come from The Youth Alliance who come with a warmth and genuine sincerity to reach the students and assist them in maneuvering through life’s struggle.
Cindy Kates
VP Glassboro High School

As Principal of the Sayville Middle School and educator for the past 23 years, two of the most powerful presentations I have had the pleasure of experiencing were delivered by Reggie Dabbs and Seth Franco.  They were engaging and inspirational.  I have found Youth Alliance to be an invaluable resource.

Thomas Murray

“The Youth Alliance has provided Clayton Public Schools and the community with dynamic speakers on topics that today’s youth deal with everyday.  The community night is a powerful tool to pull the parents/guardians not only into the schools but also the issues that their kids struggle with in life.”

Dan Antonelli
VP Clayton Public Schools

The performance was full of energy, packed with a powerful message, of anti-bullying.  The message also focuses on being good students, that will grow to be model citizens.  I really enjoyed talking to students after the performance, and hearing them say how much they enjoyed it.

Ken Livingston
Eastside Community School

“Every speaker and event provided by the Youth Alliance have been extremely beneficial  and inspirational to our program”.  The Landis 21st Century program is fortunate to partner with an amazing organization and we look forward to continued partnership.


Esther Rodriguez
Landis School

As the principal of an elementary school in South Jersey, I typically don’t
schedule assemblies but I would schedule Reggie Dabbs again. I was told he was
worth the time and money, and he was! Without a hestitation, I would recommend

Patrice Taylor

I’ve always been impressed with the overall quality of the Youth Alliance’s assembly programs. Each year, our students look forward to your visit and thoroughly enjoy the different motivational speakers you have brought to our school. Seth Franco’s message was inspirational. He actively engaged the audience, and our students really related to him.

Mr.Gene Miller Principal
Hammonton MIddle School

I want to thank you for our most motivational assembly we have ever had. Our Principal Dr. Rufino said it was his best in thirty years…….You left an incredible imprint on all our hearts. A parent came to me stating their children talked about the assembly the whole weekend. Pennsgrove-Carenys Point loves you!!!!

Patricia Massare
Student Assistance Counselor

The Youth Alliance is a wonderful resource for all schools to assist in addressing the recent HIB legislation that went into effect this school year. Our school had the pleasure of having Vai Sikahema, former Philadelphia Eagle and Channel 10 Sports Director, in to speak with our students and parents. I can tell you that as the Principal of Veterans Memorial School, I believe we are a better, more informed school after the assembly. Vai had an amazing effect on our students and I honestly believe, reached many of our students. We have used The Youth Alliance in the past, and we will continue to in the future. I urge all schools to look into one of their programs…..you won’t be disappointed!

Mario Olsen
Principal Veterans Memorial School

Thank you for reaching out to us about hosting the Seth Franco presentation. It was BETTER than we expected. The professional development offered to our teachers was well received and relevant. Seth’s message was wonderful and the students loved it. His basketball tricks had them hooked. It was obvious that Seth is a caring man and we appreciate the time he took after the Family Night Presentation to speak to students and take pictures. Please send our appreciation to Seth and your entire staff – you are very special people who truly care about kids. Thank you!!!

Kathleen Procopio
Millville Senior High Principal

“Never before have I seen a team as powerful as The Youth Alliance in evoking deep reflection and providing the most thought provoking production in a room of over 400 middle school students.” You all are truly amazing!!”


Mrs. Le Andrea Ware

Preston came and spoke at our Senior School Assembly in June of this year. He displayed an outstanding ability to connect with his audience, both students and staff. His presentation was energetic and involving. The stories he shared were challenging and inspirational and done in a humorous and engaging way. Numerous students and staff members shared with me as to how inspiring he was and how they personally felt encouraged and challenged. We would not hesitate to have Preston back to speak with our students were he to be available in the future.

Michael Prabaharan

My name is Cassie, I go to Kilvington Grammar. You spoke at my school today and I just wanted to let you know that it was so inspiring. I love the way you spoke to us, it got us all involved. I thought it was absolutely amazing, your story and your life. You made me feel like i can accomplish anything. I cannot make it this Friday to the Glen Eira town hall, but thank you so much for speaking to us today. I felt like just giving you a big hug! :)

I hope i can hear you speak again some day.


Your presenter, Mr. Seth Franco, was engaging, entertaining and provided a very positive message to our fifth grade students. From the moment he arrived displaying his exuberance and great talent, he had the attention of our faculty and students. As an administrator that researches and arranges school assemblies, I determine the quality of the presentation based on two factors- interaction between presenter and audience, and the response following the assembly. I have to say that we are still receiving positive feedback from students, faculty and even parents about Seth’s visit. That alone speaks volumes on the impact he had on our school.

I truly appreciate your efforts and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Yours truly,

Lenny Long
Assistant Principal Warren E. Sooy, Jr. Elementary

Once again The Youth Alliance delivers! On February 7th, 2011, Seth Franco visited our school and put on an outstanding assembly. From the time he walked into the room to the time he left, students were captivated. Seth was interactive with the students as they entered the auditorium creating a fun and comfortable atmosphere. He shared his story of adversity and it really inspired our students. We are so appreciative of The youth alliance staff for bringing another star performance to our school providing a forum for students to hear and learn about issues they are facing each day. The Youth Alliance director was in attendance as usual and never misses an assembly which speaks volumes about his dedication and commitment to the success of the program. There programs are in such high demand, we are already planning for next year’s amazing assembly for the students. Thank you so much Youth Alliance and Seth Franco. Four days later….still a buzz throughout the building. That’s what it is all about.

Mario Olsen
Principal Veterans Memorial School

I was personally affected by my experience with Seth. His presence alone brought peace to my heart and inspiration to my soul. His tireless effort touched staff and students as well.  The message he brought opened the hearts and minds of many and gave them hope for the future.  May he continue to bring light, love, and encouragement to all for many years to come.

Vera J. Sharp
Student Assistance Coordinator Vineland Public Schools

I don’t know if this is the email I should use to contact you, but I wanted to take a minute to thank you. You’ve been to our school twice now, and after your assemblies, we can feel the change in the mood of the school. You are a massive positive influence. As one Math teacher told me the other day, “You can have more impact on these kids emotionally in 45 minutes than I can all year.” I agree. You came to us the first time last semester, and the night after your assembly, a young man from one of my History classes emailed me out of the blue. He told me he was thinking of killing himself. He said he wanted to talk to someone, and he chose me. The exact words he wrote to me said “I guess You came at a good time, huh?”

I’ve been talking to the young man, and he’s a fine young man. He’s just in a bad situation. He still gets depressed, still thinks of suicide, but he’s working on it. Working hard.

Sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if you hadn’t come.

I just wanted you to know, on a first hand basis, the impact you’ve had. I think you saved this young man’s life.

Thanks for everything

G Cole

In my 15 years as a VPS employee, this was the BEST assembly I have attended! Seth’s message came through loud and clear! From looking at the student’s faces who were sitting near me, they were enthralled! I ‘googled’ him after we returned to class and ALL of the students wanted a copy of his bio and the article I found about his time with the Globetrotters for themselves! His basketball ‘skills’ were very impressive as well.

Thanks for finding him!

Sandi Davis
Veteran’s Memorial Intermediate School Teacher’s Assistant

Seth Franco was a huge success at Landis Middle School.  His story is remarkable and his words seem to captivate the student’s attention and interest.  I spoke to each of my classes about the assembly, and 100% of my students loved his message and could actually tell me every detail of his life!! I look forward to having him back next year! Thanks for bringing such inspirational people to our district to help us motivate our youth.

Kim Davila

I found the assembly conducted by Mr. Seth Franco to be both moving and motivational.  The students were engaged and hanging on his every word.  His positive message was clear and delivered with power.  He truly understood how to relate to the children of our school, and his profound message was exactly what our students needed to hear.  I look forward to seeing Mr. Franco speak at our school in the future.  Thank you for making assemblies like this possible for our students to grow from.

Carl Dolente

Thank-you so much for bring Seth Franco to Rossi School. It was very energetic, upbeat and entertaining for our students. I also believe Seth’s genuine care and concern was clear to see. His story was intesting and moving, but also something the students could connect with. They also loved those ball-handling skills.

Please extend my thanks to him for talking to one of my students. I have been working with him for 2 years and have had little progress. Having that one on one with Seth was very moving for him. I’ve never seen anyone make such an impact.

Thank you again,

Andrea Massaro

I was privileged to attend the recent assembly at Landis School. The speaker was Seth Franco.  I LOVED it!  He is a fantastic speaker; captivating and humorous. I believe he is worth seeing over and over again.  I would recommend this speaker to any organization who was looking for someone to be used to make an impact in the lives of all who hear.

Patrice Guadalupe