A powerful and strong message on a sensitive topic, delivered by a powerful, strong yet sensitive man.

Dan Riley
Sterling High School Teacher

I thought it was great. The students also made comments about how they were affected emotionally, etc.¬†With suicide awareness month, the timing was perfect ūüôā

School Administrator

Serious and heartfelt, with humor and levity.  With all the students involved, it made a difference.  I think we should decide to do more events like this.

School Administrator

I thought he was very good, had great interaction with the crowd, and most of my students responded very well to his presentation. One of my students who has Type A Diabetes said it motivated him to continue to follow his dreams despite the difficulties he has. Unfortunately, I think the message may have been lost on my students whom I was hoping to reach the most; either that, or they are still trying to put on a front for the rest of the students. They did say he was entertaining and it did get awful quiet in that auditorium when he was speaking. I believe he reached the majority of students in there (as well as adults).

School Administrator

He was AWESOME!  My kids really enjoyed him and one stayed to speak with him privately.

School Administrator

I thought he (Seth Franco) was great!¬† Kept the students attention and delivered a good message.¬† I could see he affected several of my students.¬† Maybe the best assembly I’ve attended.
Thanks so much!

School Administrator

Thank you for having Seth Franco come inspire our students. My students said that his message was positive and they felt the time spent was worthwhile and uplifting. I appreciate having opportunities for our students, be it music, acting, cultural, historical, scientific, that help them see greater, different and new possibilities for their lives. It is a positive growth and intellectual experience when one is exposed to new people, activities and situations. I believe my students had their eyes opened today.

School Administrator

I found him (Seth Franco) to be quite engaging.  He had a way of getting the kids to interact with him in an appropriate yet fun way.  He was then able to speak about his serious message.  ALL of my students seemed to get something out of it.  I plan to use it to motivate them in the future.  I feel the kids will listen to his message much quicker than those of us that are with them day to day.  Kind of like we were when our parents gave us advice and another adult in our lives said the same exact thing but it stuck!

School Administrator

The Youth Alliance & Seth Franco made a huge impact not only on the student body at Elizabeth City Middle School but also on my teachers and staff. Students commented that out of all the assemblies they have ever had, this was one that really mattered. It was fun and entertaining but it was more than that. It was entertainment with a message and a purpose. Students and staff were motivated and inspired. This was an excellent opportunity and a great way to start our 2014-2015 school year.

Hannah Saunders
AIG Facilitator at Elizabeth City Middle School and Pasquotank County High School

I have to tell you, your description of Seth and this program can’t even compare to the wonderful impact he had on our school and our students.

First, Seth had a lunch with 4-8th grade at-risk boys. These are boys with multiple disciplinary infractions. I was not with them the whole time, but from what I understand the boys would not move from their seats. They were mesmerized.

Next, Seth had lunch with 7-7th grade at-risk students. I did sit in on this presentation. The boys were engaged, asking questions, and interacting with him in a way that was so impactful. Some of the boys even opened up in ways they hadn’t before.

The finale of the day came in the gym. Seth had the entire sixth and eight grade (400 kids) in the gym. He entertained them, made them laugh, and when he got to the “meat of his bounce back message”, you could hear a pin drop. It was incredible and the staff could not stop raving. Staff and students mobbed him at the end and he patiently sat down and signed every autograph and took every selfie.

He literally electrified our school today and I did go to Southeast this morning to hear one of his talks and I dare say he lit up that school too.

Lauren Van Hemert, PTSA President
Centennial Campus Middle School

Words cannot express how much we enjoyed Seth and his story.  He had us engaged from beginning to end.  It is a must see presentation!  Thank you to the Youth Alliance for providing this amazing experience for our students.

LeVar Mizelle
River Road Middle School

On behalf of George Jenkins High School Administration, I would like to give our highest recommendation and our endorsement for Reggie Dabbs a public school speaker with Youth Alliance. Administrators today are doing everything to protect the academic integrity of the classroom, but this interruption impacted and touched the lives of our students well beyond any classroom subject matter.

Diane Werrick
Director of Student Activities

Reggie Dabbs ‚Äúhad us at hello‚ÄĚ.¬†The second he stepped out in front of 1500 students in our gym he instantly had them engaged and focused on his topic and with him as a person.¬† This is unparalleled when working with kids. He made an immediate and personal connection with both the students and staff with his no fluff motivation, humor, and a message that was powerful, provoking, and impactful.¬† Reggie made every topic he touched on relatable. His energy level was high and his personal stories tied everything together.¬† ¬†¬†Beyond his message, he used his unbelievable ability as a musician to reach and communicate to the students on a different level‚Ķ.theirs!

Reggie Dabbs is one of the most dynamic and motivating speakers we have had opportunity to hear.  His thought provoking message will resonate in our school for a long time. This is a speaker that we will do whatever we can to invite back.

Diane Werrick
Director of Student Activities - George Jenkins High School

As a teacher at Woodbury High School, I want to thank you for coming and speaking to our students yesterday; they loved it and seemed to get a lot from it. I wanted to share a quote that I believe is apt for you if you don‚Äôt already know it. Every day I posted a ‚Äúquote of the day‚ÄĚ on my blackboard for my students.

Yesterday‚Äôs quote was a Japanese proverb: ‚ÄúFall seven times, stand up eight.‚ÄĚ I think it‚Äôs particularly apt for your story and the message you share with students; life‚Äôs going to knock you down, but you have to rise above it each time. And you certainly have!

Thanks again for sharing your message,

Steven Delaney
Teacher, Woodbury High School

Reggie Dabbs is truly an inspiring individual. His story brought tears to several of my staff members. Throughout the show faces were lighting up with laughter and surprise as Reggie played his saxophone and encouraged everyone’s participation. Great show with a great message.

JoAnne Rumpf
Radix Elementary School

My students and staff were immediately captivated by Reggie’s “big” personality. Learning life lessons was never so much fun- imbedded in toe-tapping music, inspirational messages, and genuine excitement.

Students were engaged from the moment they entered the auditorium. They responded enthusiastically to the opportunities to interact with Reggie and his music.

Reggie’s program is awesome!

Jill DelConte
Principal Oak Knoll Elementary School

Thank you so much for coming to Wharton and sending such a strong message to my students. It was electrify to watch, listen and absorb. The students throughout the day today have been finding me and sharing their thoughts. You are one great person and had good words for all the students. I am hopping that we can have you come back again! Thank you for all you do in a very professional and organized way.

Marcie Scholl
Drop Out Prevention Specialist, Paul R. Wharton High School

Guest STRONG MAN Jon Pritikin gave an unforgettable presentation about bullying. Besides impressing the students with his enormous strength (ripping apart phone books, curling iron pan‚ÄĒa feat which has earned him citation in the Guinness Book of World Records, hoisting students up in the air for a helicopter spin, and bending an iron bar in his teeth) Pritikin touched their hearts with his true story of being a victim of bullying. His message was also shared during a special Sayville Middle School’s Family Night presentation.

Sayville Middle School

Youth Alliance offers comprehensive prevention programs that will cater the needs of your school/community. They offer well rounded programs with district wide assemblies and family nights that address bullying, healthy relationships, self esteem, and good decision making (just to name a few). Preston is extremely professional and responsive in meeting any request your district may have. The speakers are dynamic, captivating, flexible and most importantly relatable/approachable to the student body. Once they come to your school, you will want them to come back every year!

Colleen Cech
SAC, West Deptford Middle School

Seth delivered a powerful, motivating message to all our students and was able to modify his presentation to an early elementary level. The students loved interacting with Seth and being active participants throughout the program!

Ryan M. Dougherty
Principal Oakview Elementary School (West Deptford School District)

Seth just left Red Bank, and he was excellent. As any first grade teacher will attest, to hold the attention of a 6-year old for more than 10 minutes is no easy task, and the kids were captivated for the entire 45-minutes. Seth brought the content down to an appropriate developmental level, and I have no doubt that the message was well received and memorable.

Jon Cohen
Red Bank Elementary School (West Deptford School District)

I wanted to let you know what an impact you made on our students yesterday at Fairfield Township School. Your message and
“rule” regarding no student sitting alone at the lunch table was well received by a couple of our 5th graders. A group of girls went over to a girl that always sits alone , and really struggles, and asked her to sit with them today. The look of excitement on her face and the fact that the teachers took quick notice of it speaks volumes to your message. Additionally, almost every staff member I have seen today commented on what an excellent message you bring. Congratulations to you on making our students feel SPECIAL! We at Fairfield School are grateful for the impact you made and for taking your time to speak to our students. Thank you also for the positive message that you delivered to our parents last night as well. They too appreciate the positive message. All the best as you continue your tour.

Thank you again!

Jeff Ortman
Assistant Principal, Fairfield Township School

The Youth Alliance has come to our school for two years now.  TYA  has been highly accommodating.  Both of the presenters we have hosted were very popular with our students and communicated a positive character development message. We plan to continue our association with The Yourth Alliance next year and for years to come.

Dr. Hourani
Camden County Technical School

This is the second time we used The Youth Alliance.  They were dependable, professional, and worked to meet our school’s needs.  Seth Franco kept the students’ attention and was entertaining while delivering his message.

Dawn Sponheimer

Youth Alliance always provides outstanding speakers.  Jon Pritikin captured everybody’s attention.  The community response was tremendous.  My staff was speechless and very appreciative of the message he delivered.  Next year we will be bringing back Youth Alliance for the school district.

Tom Murray
Principal, Sayville Middle School