The MAGIC of this event was seeing how engaged our students were with Tom’s message! Remember: Your words can change lives, so make them count and make them positive!

Mr. Rich Taibi
Principal Dorothy L. Bullock School

is sitting alone, do your part to support your peer who may just need a little help to gain the confidence necessary to hold his/her head up high in school and in the community, now and in the future. Your act of kindness can change the course of someone’s life for the better! I had heard really good things about Mr. Coverly, and he certainly met and even exceeded expectations.

Mr. Craig Stephenson
Principal Thomas E. Bowe School

“Emotional and thought-provoking. Students were could hear a pin drop in an audience of 500+ students.”

Justin Devoll
Conflict Resolution Coordinator
“Preston was the best speaker that I have heard to date. His passion and his story hit home for myself and most of my students. I would like to see and hear him speak again.”
Mr. Balioni

He did a great job relating his story to the students.  Very energetic.  He had a powerful story to tell.

Ms. Kovalesky

Loved the positive message of “keep trying, you can do it.”  Heavy burdens can be lifted if you keep at it.

Ms. Klein

Willie Green was an energetic and engaging speaker.  He not only held the students’ attention, but definitely delivered a positive message.  Students were speaking of his message days afterwards.

Ms. Thomson

The assembly was very well received by the students and had a positive effect on our school culture.  I would recommend it for any school.

Mr Morina

​”He is a very inspirational speaker that students can relate to on their level.”

Terrence Spencer

Our Family Night with Willie Green was one of the best events we have ever hosted. A true bonding experience for everyone involved. He connected with both our students and their parents on a personal level

Dan Greco

Reggie Dabbs is relevant. He knows how to touch the hearts of students, staff and families. He is transparent. The time that he shares with students is life changing. I highly recommend Reggie Dabbs.

Roderick Tillery, Sr.
Principal, Rocky Mount Middle School

Having Reggie Dabbs come to our school and speak life and hope into our students was worth every minute. He captured their attention from the moment he started to speak and he kept them focused while teaching them the importance of education, staying positive, and having genuine fun. Thank you Reggie for touching their hearts! It was written all of the students and staff’s faces.

Mary Katheryn Bryant
Counselor, Broughton High School

“Don’t you remember what Reggie Dabbs said?” I overheard a student say this to encourage another student in class today. Two weeks later and students are still holding on to the hope that they received with Reggie. Even though we were only able to have our seniors attend the assembly while it was streamed to the other classes, for an hour our entire school was engaged in every word said and note played by Reggie. For an hour not one principal’s radio went off concerning some discplinary issue. For an hour, I felt that there was some unity in our school where students felt free to laugh, cry, think, and participate. For me, that made this assembly worth it and necessary.

Brianna Castillo
Yearbook Adviser, English Department, Broughton High School

Having Reggie talk directly to our students and share his story was powerful.  He is honest, yet entertaining, and gives students the belief that they can push through any struggle.

Camille Holmes Hedrick, Ph.D.
Principal, Panther Creek High School

We have been very fortunate to have Reggie Dabbs visit our school for the past three years.  The students enjoy his message and his music.

Robert E. Smith
Principal, Mills Park Middle School

We found the students to be highly impacted by the assembly. They were enthusiastic about showing kindness and demonstrating respect as I have never seen them before. I couldn’t believe how mesmerized they were as they listened to Reggie’s message. It was the perfect blend of humor, heartfelt sentiment, and personal connection. Reggie made a difference in our lives!

Jacqueline S. Jordan, Ed.D.
Principal, Moore Square Magnet Middle School

I would to say thanks to Youth Alliance for bringing Reggie Dabbs to our school.  I have seen many speakers over twenty five plus years in education but none have ever made as much of impact as Mr. Dabbs.

The message conveyed by Mr. Dabbs struck a chord with our students and staff at South Campus Community High School. It was inspiring to witness the emotions on the students faces and to see how well they responded to his message of looking ahead and finding hope for the future.
Our students and staff talked about his message for several days.

Junior Creech
Principal South Campus Community High

Mr. Franco was very relatable to our high school population. He did a great job of engaging our students and supporting his message with real-life examples. “It’s okay to struggle, it’s not okay to give up.”

Dr. Dale Reimann
Hershey High School Principal

Seth offered our students an honest and powerful message about self worth in a fun and engaging way.

Mr. Erick Valentin
Hershey Middle School Principal

Seth’s show was the perfect combination of fun (to engage the kids) and powerful (to make the kids think).  He is very genuine and his heart shows through in every minute of his presentations.  We loved the presentations!

Sue Niedrach
Student Assistance Counselor, Crockett Middle School

Seth’s show was both educational and inspirational! His charisma and compelling story engaged our students and offered them real motivation to recognize the gift of life in themselves and others.

Christine Hart
Teacher and head of Student Council, Crockett Middle School

I just wanted to say that yesterday’s assembly was awesome.  The past two years of these speakers have been the best,  that I can recall in my 30 years of teaching.  Not only did they connect with the students, but also with the staff.  The Youth Alliance really has their act together reaching out to students!  Well worth the money to bring them to district.

Sandra Vesey
Runnemede School District

We are fortunate enough to have had numerous presentations brought to Buena Regional Middle School by the Youth Alliance and they have never failed to produce a powerful and impactful message.  Over the past few years we have hosted Reggie Dabbs, Jon Pritikin, and Seth Franco; all three are exceptional speakers and role models that were able to connect with the students and the parents.  We just had Seth Franco visit us and the students have bombarded me with requests for him to come back! We look forward to meeting and hearing more outstanding presenters offered by the Youth Alliance.

Karen M. Santoro
Principal, Buena Regional Middle School
I look forward to the assembly each year as it is my favorite!  The message told by Seth Franco through his life story and his interactions with the students has an impact on the students.  He engages them on their level, brings them into the action and hooks them with the message.  As an educator, I can refer back to his message of choices in my daily lesson throughout the year.
Stefanie Wheaton
Fairfield Township School

I have had the opportunity to review Jon’s seminars over the course of a three year period on multiple occasions across multiple venues. His message is one that will inspire any man, woman or child to see past their fears and personal roadblocks, to follow their dreams and never give up. Every time I hear him speak it touches my heart and as I watch my students respond to his message it is clear that the impact of his story is not lost on them.  A phenomenal empowering message of strength and hope…Oh and did I mention as he shares this inspirational tail he rolls up frying pans, breaks baseball bats over his leg and bends an iron bar in half?

Dr. Jeffrey W. Adams
Principal Walnut Street School, Woodbury, NJ