December 2015 Update

Dec 22, 2015

Over the last quarter of 2015, we were excited to do school tours with Reggie Dabbs, Willie Green, Seth Franco, Jon Pritikin, Phill Brake, Chris Hollyfield and Keith Elias.  By far the busiest fall ever, we had the opportunity to be in front of over 300,000 students in just the last three months.  As we prepare to close out 2015, we reflect upon all of the accomplishments including the impact made upon young people and their families.  We are grateful for continued growth and expansion across not only schools in the United States but also overseas in South Africa, Newfoundland and Australia.  If you haven’t noticed by our updates, we’ve averaged about a 20% program growth every year.

We just finished our annual two-week tour with Reggie Dabbs on December 15 in New Jersey, Virginia and New York.  As America’s number one high school middle school speaker, he never disappoints.  It’s only thanks to our supporters that Reggie came back for his 17th year to spread his message of hope, potential, and love to area students.  In addition, Our eighth annual celebrity banquet was an amazing evening with guests Mike Quick, Tito Santana, Vai Sikahema, Seth Franco, Eddie Hospidor, Reggie Dabbs, and Willie Green.   I’d like to thank you, our loyal supporters, for making all of this possible.  As the year comes to a close, please remember us in your annual giving.  All donations are tax-deductible.

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