Summer 2015 Update

Sep 30, 2015

Hello Friends,

We had a hot third quarter this summer during our school season lull by visiting schools internationally.
With summer break here in the States, we headed to South Africa.  We spoke to over 30,000 people in 54 sessions in Cape Town, Pretoria & Johannesburg. Our message of hope included the inspiring words of Winston Churchill, “History will be kind to me, because I intend to write it.”  At the end of August and the entire month of September we were in Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina, speaking to over 25,000 students in school assemblies and family night programs in conjunction with community support partners.  We continued our theme this year of talking less, doing more and loving better, through strategies like meeting other’s needs and caring for them and tangible ways, and the lasting positive impact of love, hope and compassion.


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Below is a link to our first crowdfunding fundraising campaign.  We are humbly asking all of our supporters to copy and paste the link and put it on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat accounts and give people the opportunity to watch the video and make a tax deductible contribution as the year winds down.

Copy and Paste the text below
Help The Youth Alliance reach 10 extra cities this year by donating to the #EveryKidEveryCity campaign

Thanks again for all your help and support!  We sincerely appreciate it.  You can follow our live updates on our Facebook page.

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