TYA in Australia!

Jul 3, 2014

G’Day Mate,

Three of our speakers ventured down under, sharing at over forty schools in Melbourne, Australia.  We were able to provide both anti-bullying and choices programs with Reggie Dabbs, Seth Franco and Preston Centuolo.  This marks our fourth annual visit to Australia, and we were very pleased that our family nights and community outreach programs boasted outstanding attendance.  Our local guy on the ground, Phill Brake, made the success of this trip possible.  Phill, the director of Compass Community Care, has been working inside community schools and extension programs, local churches and regional government to establish a safe place for students and families to reach out in times of need.

Here are a couple notes from students after our program:

Thank you so much for coming and talking to us at school today. I think you really inspired us. Now we think, “Yes, I can be someone.” After you came everyone was being so nice to each other! Again, Thanks!

I just want to thank you for everything. You have helped pull me thru my bad days and I don’t know where I would be without your good words!!!! You help inspire me to help other kids who can’t help themselves. All school year all I have put up with is drama. But when you came today it really changed my whole attitude and outlook on life. You taught me that someone out there is worse off than me and that life is too short to put up with bad things. And I just want to thank you for everything cause if you wouldn’t of spread the goodness I would probably still be dealing with drama but thanks to you I have quit listening to the gossip and drama and focusing more on school and helping others. Once again I just want to thank you for everything. It is a blessing that you came to our school.

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