2011 marks TYA’s most accomplished year yet……

Jan 16, 2012

Through our new anti-bullying campaign and website (www.livingbullyfree.com), we have embarked on a new, thought-provoking angle of our character education services. This multi-faceted program instantly takes an active role in students’ lives, as evidenced by the tremendous feedback and social networking trail of student responses to the programs that pour in after any given event. This influence is compounded by the opportunity to share with the faculty and staff of the schools through workshops and also with the parents at family nights held across many school districts. Faculty responses have likewise been overwhelming, with feedback like, “Finally, professional development from the classroom perspective from like someone who has obviously taught.” And, “This training wasn’t just ‘in theory’ but real and applicable.” We were able to end the year serving 23 cities where every kids K-12 heard a valuable message on how to stand against bullying along with there schools staff. Check out for yourself what some kids had to say:

“You spoke at My High School today, and I have to say, you are an amazing speaker. You touched the hearts of many and some even cried at some point, including me. Now I know that if I do see someone being bullied, I’m stepping in and helping that victim by telling an adult. I’ve heard of many cases of kids taking their lives because of bullying and it kills me that I cant do anything about it. What can I do to help?

Thank you for opening my eyes out to the harms of bullying. I really appreciate it, as did everyone else that heard you”

“You came to my school today. I walked into the auditorium thinking we were getting another lecture on drugs and alcohol. Instead I walked into the best day I’ve had in a long time.

You see, I’m a mean person. I’m mean to everyone around me to cover up my pain. I have trouble at home. When I was younger my life was hell. There was so much physical abuse in my life. Now I’m stuck with emotional abuse and I can tell you one thing…I’d rather have the life beaten out of me…

I consider suicide almost every day. I cry myself to sleep almost every night. My mother lives 700 miles away, my dad’s in and out of jail, and my grandparents…well…I’m just not good enough for them. In order to keep these feelings inside, I bully other kids. Today you made me realize that I could be the reason some girl cries herself to sleep every night. I could be the reason another boy kills himself. You made me realize that I need a change. I was nice to everyone after listening to you. It felt good to look at the girl who sits by herselfat lunch in silence, the girl who has no friends, the girl who gets picked on by everyone…by me..everyday and say “You look really nice today”. Like you said, everyone deserves to be loved. Though I don’t get much love at home, I know there’s someone out there who does love me. Thank you so much for coming to my school today. “

“Thanks for coming to Vineland High school today. It was really amazing. I mean, I’ve seen you before at other schools. I think today, however, I really loved this assembly on bullying. For some reason, it impacted a lot of students, who honestly, I didn’t think we’re going any care over the subject. Thanks for making a difference in Vineland. It really helps!”

“So, today you came to my school , and I’ve seen you at least 3 times and every time you never fail to make me think, and you never fail to inspire me. So thank you, because of you I make it a point to smile and compliment everyone.”

“I just wanted to thank you for coming to my high school today. You really inspired me to do something big, and it starts with me helping the younger kids and the teens who really need help. I want to be part of the help, I want to help kids break free from their prison chains which is held by fear and loneliness. The story you told us about your friend tony took a lot of courage to say because he recently passed away and I’m sorry for your loss. It truly did speak out to me with everything you did from the story to the performance done by the Australian teens (which was really good). I don’t know if you here it a lot, but just thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you will do, it takes a lot of courage to do it. I’ve seen you before but never personally talk to you, and I would like to. I want to help people the same way you do, I want to change people lives for the better and have people see things in a different light. “

“my name is ____________. im 16 years old and go to ________ public high school in NJ. And I wanna thank you!!! you changed my whole perspective on life. everyday  go through life blaming my self for everything.. Even my only sisters death when I was 6(died in car crash at age 19)…this morning I couldnt take it anymore so i grabbed a knife and was about to kill myself, but wasnt strong enough to… so i went to school and when i sat down and listened to u it made me think if i leave now ill never know what im gonna become or who i will be hurting if i die so now 15 hours later im a better and new person who doesnt have to blam everything on herself.life will be boring without me (so says my friends lol)and i know im here for a reason i just have to find that reason. Most importantly im now here because of u so thank you!! for doing what you do AND SAVING MY LIFE!! I dont know if i could ever repay you, but i can start by thanking you and hope thats enough:), from a new and better person.”

 “Im a student of VHS thanks for coming today, I was once a victim of being bullied and had those thoughts of ending my life . But I overcame that and why you may ask , because of you, your words inspired me. Thanks so much. “

As the principal of an elementary school in South Jersey, I typically don’t schedule assemblies but I would schedule Reggie Dabbs again.  I was told he was worth the time and he was!  Without a hestitation, I would recommend him.   Patrice Taylor, Principal Clayton Public schools

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