Evening Sessions


Bringing together the school, family & community

To broaden the impact of school district initiatives or The Youth Alliance school programs, TYA offers school districts several options to generate increased parent, family, and/or community involvement through evening sessions. When TYA comes alongside school districts to organize and promote an evening program, districts frequently report a greater turnout than any other similar event done prior. TYA is prepared to address sensitive topics such as bullying, healthy relationships, and character development. Research shows that effective programs include families and the community. As a result, TYA not only hosts these evening sessions but places important informational materials and resources into the hands of participants. Our goal is to promote continued, essential dialogue beyond the schools and into homes and neighborhoods. Schools/districts may host an evening session geared toward any of the following audiences:

Parent Night

This session caters specifically to parents/guardians of students. Our speakers will share key points surrounding the specified topic(s) determined by the district and equip parents with tips, tools, and additional resources.

Family Night

During family nights, our specially-trained speakers address the district’s target concern(s) in relationship to the larger, broader family unit along with providing information resources.

Community Night

If the entire surrounding community is the chosen target audience, TYA will collectively touch upon individual, family, and community needs and supports for the given topic at hand.

TYA can easily schedule a tour visiting all schools within a K-12 district with single or culminating family nights. We provide the schools with the promotional material and guidance for the event. We will also help customize the event focus and agenda according to specific needs of the area, for instance, providing a meal alongside the evening program support families and increase attendance.