October 2014 Update

Hello Friends,

Less than 2 months into the new school year, we’ve already hit the ground running, hosting school programs with Reggie Dabbs, Seth Franco, Keith Elias, Vai Sikahema, Preston Centuolo and Jon Pritikin. Evolving with the needs of students, our anti-bullying initiative helps foster a safe and supportive learning environment entitled to all students. You can check out some of our resources at www.LivingBullyFree.com.

It’s always inspirational to hear the many personal accounts of how our speaker messages are impacting students on all sides of bullying, from witnesses, targets, or even perpetrators.  They can all agree that life is hard enough without pushing others down, and commit to rethink their role in managing negative social situations.  In schools we talk about physical, social, electronic, and verbal bullying, along with the power within our words.  We raise student consciousness so that in the future, they may rethink their actions, like whether to hit “send” on social media.  The Internet may seem like only a CyberWorld, but it is the real world to someone on the receiving end of cyberbullying.

In addition, we initiated a program called 10/10, asking all students to find 10 people every day for 10 days that they choose to inspire in some way.  Intentionally stepping out as a hero through small things over the 10-day period helps build a foundation for healthier thoughts and behavior.  It also refocuses harsh and judgmental views unfairly projected on themselves and others, and instead emphasizing unique individuality and value inherently possessed by all.

Now, in mid-October, we’ve already visited over 140,000 students, with a projected fall student total of just over 400,000.  That’s just in three months, and that doesn’t include the thousands of families that come out to our family night programs to hear a valuable message of hope, acceptance, and inspiration, realizing while no one is perfect, we can play a supportive role in one another’s lives.

As you can see, we continue to grow and make a difference in students’ lives every single day through our programs.  We send our most sincere thanks to you, as none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for support from loyal individuals, businesses, and corporations.  We hope to see many of our supporters on December 5th for our celebrity banquet.  It’s our only annual fundraiser and supporter appreciation banquet.  If you’re interested in more information on the banquet, please let us know.  As always, you may check out the pictures below of our fall school programs and family nights and check us out online at www.theyouthalliance.com.

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TYA in Australia!

G’Day Mate,

Three of our speakers ventured down under, sharing at over forty schools in Melbourne, Australia.  We were able to provide both anti-bullying and choices programs with Reggie Dabbs, Seth Franco and Preston Centuolo.  This marks our fourth annual visit to Australia, and we were very pleased that our family nights and community outreach programs boasted outstanding attendance.  Our local guy on the ground, Phill Brake, made the success of this trip possible.  Phill, the director of Compass Community Care, has been working inside community schools and extension programs, local churches and regional government to establish a safe place for students and families to reach out in times of need.

Here are a couple notes from students after our program:

Thank you so much for coming and talking to us at school today. I think you really inspired us. Now we think, “Yes, I can be someone.” After you came everyone was being so nice to each other! Again, Thanks!

I just want to thank you for everything. You have helped pull me thru my bad days and I don’t know where I would be without your good words!!!! You help inspire me to help other kids who can’t help themselves. All school year all I have put up with is drama. But when you came today it really changed my whole attitude and outlook on life. You taught me that someone out there is worse off than me and that life is too short to put up with bad things. And I just want to thank you for everything cause if you wouldn’t of spread the goodness I would probably still be dealing with drama but thanks to you I have quit listening to the gossip and drama and focusing more on school and helping others. Once again I just want to thank you for everything. It is a blessing that you came to our school.

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3on3 Update

It’s remarkable to reflect on how the Got Game 3on3 basketball tournament has grown since we first brought it to the community 16 years ago.  Some of this year’s young participants were brought by parents who remember playing in the tournament themselves as youth.  The Youth Alliance had a wonderful turnout on May 3 at our new tournament location, KNF Clean Room Products, at 681 North Delsea Dr. Vineland. Jaw-dropping highlights included the 8 foot and 10 foot dunk contest and performances at the three-point shootout. We were excited to see Vai Sikahema and former Harlem Globetrotter Seth Franco display their skills on the court. We would like to take a moment to thank all of our sponsors and all the people who volunteered. What a great, FREE annual event for students in the region.  See pictures and videos below of the participants. We are looking forward to expanding the tournament by ten courts next year in anticipation of the consistently growing attendance. If you’re interested in helping, please feel free to contact us. Check out this and other events at www.theyouthalliance.com.

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April 2014 Update

With the first quarter of 2014 already behind us, The Youth Alliance is working hard to keep up with increasing programming demands.  We have been serving school districts and families around the country along with hosting our annual men’s breakfast with David Akers and Markus Thomas.  Schools consistently report that families are positively impacted and connected to support services as a result of our comprehensive programs.  These programs include Choices, Anti-Bullying, and Healthy Relationship programs with Seth Franco, Phill Brake, Preston Centuolo, Reggie Dabbs, Vai Sikahema, Chris Hollyfield and Darin MacDonald.  We have served in 17 states speaking to hundreds of thousands of students and their families.  To catch a glimpse of our services, check out the pictures and videos below and follow us on Facebook.  Of course, thank you for your continued support, we could never do this without your help.

Check this and other events out at www.theyouthalliance.com

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December 2013

First, we would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season.  As 2013 draws to an end, we are still energized after eleven busy but productive weeks of schools with speakers including Seth Franco, Jon Pritikin, Reggie Dabbs, Chris Hollyfield, Phill Brake and Preston Centuolo. We served 31 school districts and cities, presenting to all K-12 students and then parents during evening family nights.  We had over 10,000 attend family nights this fall which is a new record for TYA. Below are some comments from administrators, students and families about the impact of our presentations along with several photos of our programs.  If you wish to follow us daily please follow and like The Youth Alliance on Facebook and see what we’re doing day by day as we serve the community. Check out this and other events at www.theyouthalliance.com.

“Youth Alliance offers comprehensive prevention programs that will cater the needs of your school/community. They offer well rounded programs with district wide assemblies and family nights that address bullying, healthy relationships, self esteem, and good decision making (just to name a few). Preston is extremely professional and responsive in meeting any request your district may have.  The speakers are dynamic, captivating, flexible and most importantly relatable/approachable to the student body.  Once they come to your school, you will want them to come back every year!”
– Colleen Cech, SAC, West Deptford Middle School

“Hi, I am currently a 15 year old freshman at Washington township high school!! I truly wanted to say your an inspiration and god bless you and your family and I truly thank you for being an inspiration to me and my family!”

photo 1 (1)

photo 3 (1)

“Youth Alliance always provides outstanding speakers.  JonPritikin captured everybody’s attention.  The community response was tremendous.  My staff was speechless and very appreciative of the message he delivered.  Next year we will be bringing back Youth Alliance for the school district.”
Tom Murray Principal

“Jon was over the top!! My students all spoke about him again today. Some of the students responses were awesome he can break and bend items, was bullied beat up and he worked through it to become a hero! I loved his presentation he didn’t preach he just told stories and the students absorbed the various meanings behind his stories. He was a powerful speaker while engaging all students.”
Kate. Teacher
photo 1
photo 2
“Seth just left Red Bank, and he was excellent. As any first grade teacher will attest, to hold the attention of a 6-year old for more than 10 minutes is no easy task, and the kids were captivated for the entire 45-minutes. Seth brought the content down to an appropriate developmental level, and I have no doubt that the message was well received and memorable.”
– Jon Cohen, Red Bank Elementary School (West Deptford School District)
“Seth delivered a powerful, motivating message to all our students and was able to modify his presentation to an early elementary level. The students loved interacting with Seth and being active participants throughout the program!”
-Ryan M. Dougherty, Principal Oakview Elementary School (West Deptford School District)
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photo 3
“Reggie Dabbs is truly an inspiring individual. His story brought tears to several of my staff members. Throughout the show faces were lighting up with laughter and surprise as Reggie played his saxophone and encouraged everyone’s participation. Great show with a great message.”

Mrs. JoAnne Rumpf, Principal
Radix Elementary School

November 2013

Hey Friends,
We are off and running with the  school year underway.  We just wrapped up six weeks of school program tours and will be sharing photos and feedback with you shortly.  But for now, we wanted to spotlight the success of an annual favorite, our 2013 Got Game 3on3 basketball tournament. We had an exciting day filled with 8-foot and 10-foot dunk contests and a double elimination tournament for ages 8 thru grade twelve.  Below are pictures from the initial tournament setup to the winning teams receiving trophies.  We want to thank you, our sponsors, for making it happen, we couldn’t do it without you.  Check this and other events out at www.theyouthalliance.com and please follow us on Facebook to see our work day by day.

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3on3 October 2013


August 2013 Update

Hello Friends,

We are preparing for our busiest back-to-school season yet.  While students enjoyed summer break, we were finalizing the details with many school districts who have grown to trust our quality character education programs, staff professional development sessions, and family nights.  Stay tuned to see their hard work in action when we share video and photos in our next update.
Even as the school year ended here, two of our speakers headed down under for our third year of schools in Australia. Under the guidance of our Coordinator Phill Brake, we held over 60 programs and events specifically geared to their culture and student needs.  Below are some pictures of the events.  You may check out these and other events at www.theyouthalliance.com OR to follow our events daily Like us on Facebook.
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Healthy Relationships

One in three teens experience dating abuse, the most common type of youth victimization.  In response, The Youth Alliance (TYA) has developed a multi-tiered approach that equips young people with information and tools promoting positive dating relationships.  Our Healthy Relationships programs target not only young people, but also their educators and families, to build a knowledge base and support network fostering healthy versus unhealthy relationship habits.

TYA’s Healthy Relationships programs raise awareness of harmful power and control patterns that many teens mistake as normal or signs of caring.  Our presenters actively engage students in multi-media sessions, elaborating on the confusing, mixed messages bombarding teens in music, television, and Internet.  Students receive Identity Cards which reaffirm their personal worth and entitlement to a healthy, respectful relationship.  They also receive informative cards with their “Dating Bill of Rights” and characteristics of healthy relationships.  These tools help students recognize and respond to physical, emotional, social, and electronic abuse.

Besides equipping students, TYA offers educators teen dating violence training sessions and subsequent lesson planning resources.  We also host family nights for the schools and districts, encouraging parents to communicate early and often about dating with their child.  Our family night brochure is packed with essential information and discussion prompts to help carry the conversation home.

Since debuting this program, school social workers and guidance counselors have testified of both its initial and ongoing impact on students recognizing relationship rights and responsibilities.  Months afterwards, many students report still having and referring to the literature we distributed such as their “Dating Bill of Rights.”  Through our Healthy Relationships, anti-bullying and other programs, we continue to build on our commitment to serve and empower young people.

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June 2013 Update

The Youth Alliance wrapped up a great spring season, bringing five vibrant presenters to twenty school districts. Eric King, Barrett Brooks, Seth Franco and Vai Sikahema teamed up to provide daytime assembly programs and district-wide family nights.  Schools were pleased to see families attending evening programs in record numbers.  TYA offered valuable resources, support, and strengthened the relationships between educators, families, and students over this productive season.Check out the pics below and If you would like to see how we operate day to day  please follow us on Facebook.
Check out these and other events on www.theyouthalliance.com
barrett1photo barrett2photo barrett3photo king1photo king2photo seth1photo seth2photo vaiphoto