Summer ’18 Update

What incredible end to a second-quarter!

We hosted 3on3 basketball tournaments in Vineland & Mays Landing, NJ.

We had school tours all throughout the US in Georgia, Alabama, Texas, New Mexico, New England, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and New Jersey along with international tours in Australia and Indonesia.

It is exciting to work with school districts and serve kids in each city from 12th grade down to kindergarten and then host family nights with our goal of #everykideverycity!

We were able to implement our character education curriculum that included anti-bullying, healthy relationships and choices. We believe that every kid deserves to go to school and feel safe not just physically, but emotionally and free from any type of intimidation whether it be electronic, social, physical, verbal or emotional.

It is exciting to implement our 10/10 challenge which challenges students to inspire 10 kids a day for 10 days. Since 160,000 students stay home from school every day because of the fear of being treated inappropriately. We are challenging students where we go to be the reason why someone wants to be there.

Below are some photos from different school districts and some videos from the basketball tournaments.

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January 2018 Update

Happy New Year’s, friends!

I just want to reach out with gratitude to all of our faithful supporters. We ended 2017 serving public schools with Tom Covertly The illusionist, Chris Hollyfield, Preston Centuolo, William Green, and Reggie Dabbs.

The fourth quarter was full of family nights, presenting in over 50 school districts in over 200 schools. It was exciting to see families come out together as we should support the school districts in the families working together with the goal being to benefit our children.

Also, we were grateful for the opportunity to host our 10th Annual celebrity Banquet with guests like Tony Atlas, Reggie Dabbs, Phill Brake, David Akers, Gary Cobb, Brian Propp, and Chris Hollyfield. This year‘s banquet was a huge success as we honored School principal Tammy Monahan and former Vineland Mayor, Perry Barse.

I’ve included pictures of our events from schools all over the country.
If there is any way we can serve you or your communities, please reach out to us.

Summer 2017

Hello Friends,
We have had exciting times at the Youth Alliance over the last several months.  We’ve taken 160 students to the Philadelphia 76ers games, had Our Got game 3on3 basketball tournaments, and have been doing schools all over the US, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, and Fiji with multiple presenters impacting thousands of families. 

We’ve reached students and school staffs in all our various programs.  I’ve included some videos and photos of our time serving the community.  Also, I thought I would share some feedback from students’ parents, administrators, and teachers.

As we head into the summer, we’re gearing up for a massive fall throughout the Northeast region. 

“I’m a teacher at Wallan Secondary College,  who had the privilege of meeting you and hearing you speak today.  I was blown away by your message.  I’m the year 9 coordinator and at the end of today’s presentation had so many students and their parents commenting that this was their best and most meaningful experience in their schooling lives.  We had students who have been beefing all year, end their arguments and begin to engage in positive conversations with each other.  We had students who would normally be under our radar for bullying other students go out of their way to sit next to and talk to students who would normally be their targets.  I just wanted to thank you.  You have a gift, Preston and you can touch children’s hearts and appeal to their empathy in a minute of meeting them.   I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Australia and look forward to watching your journey continue.”

“Thank you so much for yesterday! We loved your talk at TKIS. Kids were crying and beaming yesterday. You changed the dynamics amongst staff to encourage positive education. And you entertained and moved those of us who heard the presentation three times in a row! ”

“Today you spoke to our school just letting you know how much your speech inspired me today to be myself and think before I speak.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for coming to talk to us all about life, many people might not have taken much out of your talk this morning, but I did. You’re such an inspiration to young people, and you and your son are two of the strongest people!! I was having a horrible week, but you made me feel a lot better thank you for being such an inspiration to young children, and thank you for making me believe in myself.”

Fall 2016 Update

We wanted to take a minute to share about our great summer of international school tours with Seth Franco, Preston Centuolo and Reggie Dabbs.  We were able to share our Anti-Bullying and Choices programs with youth and families in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, South Africa.  We also delivered the same positive message to schools and community-based organizations in several regions of Australia and Indonesia.

Our curriculum helps students understand the four ways that people abuse others (physically, socially, verbally and through cyber bullying) and that we can all play a critical role in protecting each other from bullying. The program teaches both students and school staff that true heroes don’t wear capes – they wear compassion and empathy.  Every person deserves a safe school experience where they can obtain the knowledge and tools to catapult them into the future.

We’re heading into the fall where we will be working with 50 school districts and speaking at over 250 schools throughout the USA. We still have room for more, so if you have any connection with school administration or staff that might find our programs helpful, please contact us through our website at

We are also excited to announce another Got Game 3on3 basketball tournament scheduled in Mays Landing, New Jersey on October 1, 2016.

Our Celebrity Banquet will take place December 2, 2016 .  We would love for you to attend either of these events, so come out and join the fun!

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2nd Quarter 2016 – Update

It’s been a great second-quarter of 2016.  We’ve had the unbelievable privilege of hosting our Got Game 3on3 basketball tournaments in both Vineland and new this year, in Mays Landing, NJ.  The competitive but upbeat tournament was rounded out with motivational speaker and NFL legend Gary Cobb, from 610 WIP, addressing students and parents.  Students wowed the audience with their skills at both the 8 foot and 10 foot dunk contest along with the 3 point shootout.  Thanks to our sponsors, all students receive t-shirts and winning teams take home trophies and medals.

While winding down another school year, we hosted mom’s breakfasts in South Jersey for over 300 moms and their children.  We are very proud to have closed out our busiest spring season ever, with assemblies and family nights featuring Barrett Brooks, Seth Franco, Reggie Dabbs, Preston Centuolo, and Willie Green across 12 states and also in Canada, Australia, and Indonesia. As we roll into summer, we will be heading back overseas to South Africa and Australia.  Likewise, we’re excited to see our programs expanding into new school districts and regions this coming fall.

In the next few weeks, look for the release of who will be attending this year’s celebrity banquet coming in December.  For our new and returning guests, please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a table of 8 for this festive evening.  As each of you know, it takes a lot of moving parts to make this all happen.  We couldn’t do it without you.  Please follow our events on social media and feel free to call anytime if you’re interested in getting more involved.

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December 2015 Update

Over the last quarter of 2015, we were excited to do school tours with Reggie Dabbs, Willie Green, Seth Franco, Jon Pritikin, Phill Brake, Chris Hollyfield and Keith Elias.  By far the busiest fall ever, we had the opportunity to be in front of over 300,000 students in just the last three months.  As we prepare to close out 2015, we reflect upon all of the accomplishments including the impact made upon young people and their families.  We are grateful for continued growth and expansion across not only schools in the United States but also overseas in South Africa, Newfoundland and Australia.  If you haven’t noticed by our updates, we’ve averaged about a 20% program growth every year.

We just finished our annual two-week tour with Reggie Dabbs on December 15 in New Jersey, Virginia and New York.  As America’s number one high school middle school speaker, he never disappoints.  It’s only thanks to our supporters that Reggie came back for his 17th year to spread his message of hope, potential, and love to area students.  In addition, Our eighth annual celebrity banquet was an amazing evening with guests Mike Quick, Tito Santana, Vai Sikahema, Seth Franco, Eddie Hospidor, Reggie Dabbs, and Willie Green.   I’d like to thank you, our loyal supporters, for making all of this possible.  As the year comes to a close, please remember us in your annual giving.  All donations are tax-deductible.

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Summer 2015 Update

Hello Friends,

We had a hot third quarter this summer during our school season lull by visiting schools internationally.
With summer break here in the States, we headed to South Africa.  We spoke to over 30,000 people in 54 sessions in Cape Town, Pretoria & Johannesburg. Our message of hope included the inspiring words of Winston Churchill, “History will be kind to me, because I intend to write it.”  At the end of August and the entire month of September we were in Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina, speaking to over 25,000 students in school assemblies and family night programs in conjunction with community support partners.  We continued our theme this year of talking less, doing more and loving better, through strategies like meeting other’s needs and caring for them and tangible ways, and the lasting positive impact of love, hope and compassion.


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Below is a link to our first crowdfunding fundraising campaign.  We are humbly asking all of our supporters to copy and paste the link and put it on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat accounts and give people the opportunity to watch the video and make a tax deductible contribution as the year winds down.

Copy and Paste the text below
Help The Youth Alliance reach 10 extra cities this year by donating to the #EveryKidEveryCity campaign

Thanks again for all your help and support!  We sincerely appreciate it.  You can follow our live updates on our Facebook page.

June 2015 Update

Hello Friends,

We set out overseas, traveling down under, where we visited over 50 schools with Seth Franco and Preston Centuolo.  The busy but successful tour was possible through our ongoing partnership with Compass Community Care, a nonprofit organization in the city of Melbourne, Australia.  Our U.S. school model functioned smoothly abroad, with daytime school programs and evening family nights, collaborating with other community-based organizations to best serve families and students alike. We implemented our healthy relationships, choices and anti-bullying programs across the Providence.  This was our fifth year doing a tour there and it was our most successful yet.

Prior to this big trip, we held our annual Got Game 3 on 3 tournament in Vineland, NJ.  Marking our 15th year, it has become a highly anticipated event among local students.  Its overwhelming popularity is made possible only with the help of local school districts, city and local nonprofit agencies, and all of the businesses and sponsors enabling us to provide this event free of charge. Below are some pictures of the age bracket winners and the 8 foot and 10 foot dunk contest winners.  Also, we are sharing some photos of our recently updated equipment.  You can view this and all of our events on our Facebook page or check out more at


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April 2015 Update

It’s been an exciting start to the second quarter. We stood before over 200,000 students in Pennsylvania, Alabama, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and New Jersey. We primarily focused on our healthy relationships curriculum, given the staggering statistics such as 1 in 3 teens will experience some type of dating abuse, whether it’s emotional, physical, verbal or electronic. It’s empowering for students to clearly define their rights in a dating relationship. Below is an image of our healthy relationships card with their dating Bill of Rights, which every student receives when they attend our program.

We were also very honored to spend the day with parents at a South Jersey high school for their annual prom parent session. There are few rights of passages so simultaneously exciting, stressful, and worrisome as high school prom. It is a pleasure to work with schools to support families in effectively navigating communication, choices, and relationship challenges facing their teen. Parents and guardians are, after all, the most influential factor as their child encounters choices in areas like substance abuse and intimate relationships.

On another note, we are so pleased to announce another person has come on board our team! Willie Green is a new speaker with The Youth Alliance. In high school William was named to the Rival-Net All-American Football Team, making him the top ranked running back in the country. He went on to play for Boston College University, where he was named the two-time MVP and all time top rusher. William was also named to the College All American Team as the top rated running back in college football.

During the NFL draft William was ranked the number one running back and was chosen in the first round by the Cleveland Browns. William achieved many accolades while in the NFL including team MVP and runner up for rookie of the year.

Today William is a full-time motivational speaker. He travels world wide, captivating audiences of students and adults alike. William learned first hand that champions don’t give up, they get up.

William had a very challenging childhood, growing up in the hard knock town of Atlantic City, where he lost both his parents by the age of fourteen. He shares how he came to realize the key to his success would come from what he calls the two E’s: effort and education.

William reminds his audience that in life, it’s not about how you start, but how you finish. He uses his NFL rookie year as a prime example. William began to make some bad choices and mistakes. “The pain of my upbringing began to catch up with me, and as an unguided young man, I didn’t know how to deal with it. That is why I decided to dedicate my life after Football to guiding and inspiring our next generation.”

The greatest part about football is that it has a first half and a second half. William had a tough first half of his early NFL career. But he turned around the second half of his career, becoming well respected on the field and in the community, where he is very active. We’re so excited to see his passionate message touch the lives of young people as he starts his school tours.

Thank you again for your continued support, and remember to follow us on Facebook at The Youth Alliance.


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Starting 2015

Hello Friends,

We closed out 2014 with a wonderful evening at our 7thannual celebrity banquet. It was an enlivening evening with guests including WWF superstars Tony Atlas and Nikolai Volcoff, Philadelphia Flyers legends Brian Boucher and Dave The hammer Schultz, NFL greats  Keith Elias, Fred Barnett and Vai Sikahema, and of course Reggie Dabbs and former Harlem Globetrotter Seth Franco.

Reggie Dabbs, America’s number one public-school motivational speaker, reminded us that it’s foundational for our kids to feel safe in order to learn and grow as individuals.  Just like we encourage the students, shared with our supporters that heroes don’t wear capes—they wear compassion—and we have a choice with how we use our smile and words to bring hope.

In America, research shows 160,000 kids stay home from school because they’re afraid of facing hurtful words or actions of others.  This year, we’ve implemented our 10/10 program, where students find 10 people every day for 10 days to encourage and inspire.  Our goal is to create a positive habit for individual students which in turn will yield a stronger school climate across campuses.

As 2015 begins, our programs continue to meaningfully equip students to combat bullying and foster healthy, productive relationships.  Only through faithful supporters such as you we are able to continue our mission to instill the power of hope into students, so thank you for your faithfulness. Below are some pictures from recent events.  We look forward to serving with you in 2015.

Check out this and other events at  To see what we’re doing from day to day, follow us on Facebook.

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