Bob Wieland

Bob Wieland’s unique life-journey has given him the platform to be an inspiration for over 35 years, motivating businesses, sports teams, youth and many other meeting events with a powerful message that causes the champion spirit to rise up in all of us!

Bob has received standing ovations while sharing the platform with many other recognized top motivational business speakers in the industry!

Bob always says that if you want to make champions that “it takes a champion to breed champions.” He doesn’t say that boastfully, but matter of fact! He has purposely challenged himself to take a course never traveled before and through the journey he has been on the champion’s platform many times!

Although Bob lost both of his legs to a landmine in Vietnam he says, “I didn’t lose my heart! But he is not just a survivor, but a record breaker in more ways than one; achieving things that most other keynote speakers only talk about.

Bob’s charisma and style will make you dream bigger dreams and keep you on the edge of your seat as he shares his inspiration with compassion and humor.

Just a few of his many unparalleled accomplishments include being the only double amputee “Strength and Motivation Coach” of the NFL Green Bay Packers; literally walking across America on his arms and he also is a three-time world record breaker in the bench press.

Bob has truly experienced a very unique life-journey. No wonder People Magazine had honored him as one of the “Six Most Amazing Americans” in the last 20 years!

From his life experiences Bob has a treasure chest of motivational lessons for you to walk alongside him and “breath in” the experiences of his journey as he shares precious moments of contagious victory! It will make you walk out of your meeting with the spirit of a champion rising up inside of you, looking for something to conquer.  Bob always says, “everybody can use a little bit of inspiration!”

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